Te Pae Tawhiti

An iwi led, whānau centric approach to creating a better future


We ensure whānau are at the HEART of everything we do. We create new horizons by championing EQUITY in Education.

We INFLUENCE the thinking ofthose in government, education, industry and communities and ADVOCATE for a new, fair and just approach.

We EMPOWER rangatahi to realise the future of their dreams.

We IMAGINE a future where all rangatahi are inspired by their OPPORTUNITIES.

Rangatahi futures Academy

We come from a long line of future-makers – it’s is in our whakapapa – our tūpuna were bold, fierce and uncompromising in their ability to achieve the impossible, voyaging unchartered waters and with vision, tenacity and innovation went about laying claim to Aotearoa as the place to settle – a place where we adapted to the environment and the environment adapted to us so that each was in balance and thriving. Such was the legacy of our ancestors – what will be the legacy of your generation?

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Our future is an exciting prospect – jump aboard the waka and be part of its creation – the new Hawaiki – ki te hoe!

Collaborative partnerships

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