Education NZ

Exploring Indigenous Learning Platforms

In today’s world international education holds an important place when considering how Ngāi Tahu places itself in the knowledge economy. In partnership with Education NZ Tokona te Raki is exploring the prospects of an indigenous global learning environment to challenge the current education paradigm that was designed, conceived, and constructed for a different era, and to cut a new path towards an indigenous vision of a ‘tribal and global learning network’. The first step has involved engaging with Māori thought leaders to create a scenario map for what the future might look like. This project isn’t about replicating existing models, it’s about leading the way in including others in our journey to develop solutions. Key to finding a new path will require engagement with indigenous networks here in Aotearoa and around the world.


Our end goal is to deliver an indigenous future-making framework, backed up with a toolkit and curriculum. An online platform will be explored to serve as an indigenous knowledge exchange, facilitating the transfer of knowledge between and within Māori and other indigenous cultures.