December 6, 2022


We are a step closer to achieving equity in our schools with the launch of our Kōkirihia blueprint – a plan to remove streaming from schools in Aotearoa.

Led by Tokona te Raki, supported by the Ministry of Education (MoE), and endorsed by the Mātauranga Iwi Chairs Group (MILG), Kōkirihia is a collaboration of the expertise of the country’s key education agencies (MoE, MILG, ERO, CORE Education, PLANZ, NZEI, PPTA, NZQA, Canterbury University, University of Auckland, school principals and rangatahi) who came together in 2021 to form a design team to develop the plan. 

The plan which includes the whakapapa of streaming is designed to grow awareness of the issue, showcase alternatives, and outline the actions the key agencies have committed to, to ensure the end goal of removing streaming from our schools is achieved by 2030.


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