About Us

A Ngāi Tahu-led collaborative established to increase Māori participation, success and progression in education and employment outcomes. We want to unlock the full potential of our whānau and raise their position and influence in our economy through increasing skills, knowledge and incomes.

Our vision is of a world where ALL whānau succeed

Our focus is on systems change – from kura-to-career – to boost Māori outcomes. It’s not about creating more short-term one-off solutions, it’s about working with partners across sectors who share our passion for change. It’s about aligning what’s working, catalysing new and innovative solutions and enhancing our collective responsiveness to Māori needs - creating a platform for those with the passion and commitment to drive change at the scale and pace needed.

Focusing on equity helps us to prioritise resources and efforts where they are needed most and data helps us prepare and connect whānau with future opportunities in our economy.

Tokona te Raki uses collaboration as a means to cross traditional boundaries across education, employment and enterprise. Building a strong workforce, strong Māori businesses and influencing larger businesses to support both (e.g. social procurement) ensures we maximise our impact.

The Issues

The success of our younger and faster growing Māori workforce is critical to supporting our aging population in the future. To maximise our future collective prosperity we must address the education debt owed to many of our rangatahi and whānau to turn outcomes around – we need to fix the system!

The obstacles impeding Māori success are complex, systemic and interrelated. Systemic change is essential to reversing inequity and achieving change at the scale and pace required.

Our efforts will result in reduced social spend, increased economic productivity and greater skilled support for our aging population - a perfect outcome!

Our Approach

We operate as an innovation engine for iwi aspirations. The Māori Futures Collective creates a shared Treaty space drawing upon the skills, knowledge and experience of the partners to collaboratively design, test, and evaluate transformational solutions.

Our point of difference – iwi led innovation. This shifts the balance of power to ensure cultural integrity and iwi priorities are privileged.

The creation of a ‘shared Treaty space’ ensures Tokona te Raki has the freedom to push boundaries and innovate but can also leverage power and influence to remove barriers to make change happen.

What we Do

Theory of Change