The World is Your Oyster

When you are young “the world is your oyster” is a common phrase, you hear but when you are brown that oyster has already been extracted from the moana and shelled into a society that is designed to keep you trapped and assimilated. 

When I say “trapped and assimilated” I refer to the construct of colonialism that penetrates our society still, justified under the reigns of capitalism and unworthy Tiriti partnership.  

If you are a young Māori girl growing up, this world of oysters is blurred, with the pearls stolen from our reach before we even realise? 

These taonga are invisible to us Māori Wahine as our place in the world and in society continues to be questioned and diminished. Understanding the value of “the world is your oyster” is to have knowledge of the systems that continue to keep us there, that keep the pearls beyond our reach.  

Knowledge is the key to unlocking the infinite potential – Knowledge is power! Knowledge is the taonga in our oyster that will empower us to flourish. 

“Whaowhia te kete mātauranga” 

Fill the basket of knowledge 


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