To vax or not to vax?

There’s no denying it’s the hot topic at the moment – to vax or not to vax. Here in Aotearoa, many are still reeling at the recent announcement that vaccination will be mandatory in both health and education sectors. My fascination with this whole debate is around people’s intent when making the decision to get vaccinated or not.

It stems from the announcement of vaccine passports as a requirement for attending music festivals this summer. This led me to thinking about just how so many people were easily influenced to get the vaccine due to the possibility of missing out. But then also, how adamant some others are about not putting this substance in their body without knowing exactly what it is. Just this week 6000 students were vaccinated over the course of three days at UC. Were the numbers so high cause it was accessible therefore required no extra effort or was it simply on the back of 6000 students hell-bent on the idea of taking Rhythm and Vines by storm – I continue to ponder on the intent for many of these students making the choice.  Don’t get me wrong, I am all for vaccination, and hopefully returning to a sense of normality, as well as the population being a whole lot safer during this era of covid.

There has been a lot of really interesting press coming out of the US, not least of all the staggering announcement that NBA star Kyrie Irving is set to lose out on an estimate of $15.6 million if he holds his stance of staying unvaccinated. New York has implemented a no-vaccine no play rule in the city that means Irving will miss 41 home games and as a result lose out on $381,181 for every missed home game. Irving is known for his outside the box thinking and is someone that I believe will remain true to his beliefs. What is at the heart of the decision I wonder?

So, we have those who were anti-vax (or just apathetic) who changed their mind based on the fear of missing out on their summer fun with their mates, and then at the complete opposite end of the spectrum, a professional sportsperson who continues to take an anti-vax stand even given the possibility of jeopardising his career and losing an eye watering amount of money. What really drives us as individuals to vax or not vax?

At the end of the day your body, your choice remains paramount. I know many of those 6000 students may have done their own research before changing their mind or not but I leave you with this thought – vaccination – a personal choice or a social responsibility…



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To vax or not to vax?

There’s no denying it’s the hot topic at the moment – to vax or not to vax. Here in Aotearoa, many are still reeling at